At the core of Suneeta's sustained pioneering status lies a strong R&D base and a corporate culture that encourages experimental efforts to fulfill  customer requirements.

This continuous activity at Suneeta's R&D may not be directly visible to customers, but is certainly felt from the string of pioneering products.

A team of highly competent Engineers  and most sophisticated equipments provide Suneeta the flexibility to develop and deliver tailor-made products to suit individual customer's needs. Since the seventies, Suneeta Group's R&D is one of the most competent Research Centres in Carbon industry.

This focus on R&D has paid rich dividends .


  • Chemical Research:

Process development/improvements to make products competitive and profitable in the long run by giving major emphasis on:

-  Alternative cost effective routes

-  Non-infringing processes

-  Increasing plant friendliness

-  Green chemistry


  • Analytical Research

-  Method development

-  Method validation

-  Impurity profiling of Carbons




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