Our founder, Mr Naresh Kapoor drew inspiration from Dharma – Path of righteousness. And the strong value system he built became a part of the group's work culture. The spirit to continuously offer value-added products to the market, to build credibility through integrity in thought and action and to venture into new areas to meet unfulfilled customer-requirements, are all contributions of his enduring value system.

Imbibing his values and following his vision, our untiring efforts are always towards quality improvement with the help of our strong R&D bias and new technological inputs. This approach has paid us rich dividends by way of total customer satisfaction.

The assured consistency of our product quality and a steady investment in Human Resources Development has won us the confidence of our customers, apart from ISO-9001 certification.

Finally, we would like to reiterate our promise of total satisfaction to our customers by designing our technology to their needs.

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