We M/s Suneeta Carbons are  ISO 9001:2015 certified and introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturer & exporter of High quality activated carbon in India providing Decolourisation and Purifications solutions with Activated Carbons since 1975,  utilizing the latest technologies to provide a comprehensive range of carbon products for all applications.

             Our Plant is Located at Wada which is the Industrial Hub of Mumbai and Head office is located at Nariman Point,Mumbai.

Advantages of our Location

1)      Good quality Wood charcoal and Coconut Shell Charcoal is easily procured from the forest and Coastal belt  of Gujarat , Maharashtra & Goa.

2)      International Port JNPT located within  100 Kms

3)      International Airport of Mumbai within 100 Kms

4)      Our office is located at the financial Centre of Mumbai

We Manufacture 35000 MT every year of Coal , Wood and Coconut shell Activated Carbon and have a workforce of 175 and sell to the Blue Chip & Fortune 500 companies in the field of Edible Oil, Dyes,Fertilizer,Pharmaceutical,Oil Refineries etc We are exporting globally to countries like USA ,EU, Japan Austalia ,Korea ,Gulf etc .

In India we have Sales Representatives in the following cities -

Hyderabad , Chennai , Bangalore ,Chandigarh , Ahmedabad , Delhi , Pune , Surat , Vishakapatnam (Vizag), Indore , Jaipur , Kolkata , Gurgaon , Coimbatore , Vadodara,Nashik , Vijayawada . Jodhpur & Madurai

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